Ritual Objects

Enjoy browsing through the wide variety of unique Jewish ritual objects which Leah has created for synagogues, collectors and individuals alike.

This is a hand painted aron kodesh or ark which was created for the mini-minyon at North Suburban Congregation Beth El in Highland Park, Illinois.

The Really Fun Family Haggadah, available on Amazon, was written by Larry Stein and illustrated by Leah Sosewitz. Perfect for families with children young and young at heart, this haggadah will encourage lots of participation at your next seder!
The Hebrew word "mizrach", meaning east, designates the direction in which we should pray (from our vantage point, towards Jerusalem. Many Jews, traditional and non, display a mizrach on the eastern wall of their home. These pieces build on a rich tradition in Jewish art history, providing beauty and meaning to the spiritual act of prayer. These make a wonderful gift for anyone moving into a new home or enthusiastic about Judaic art.

This Megillat Esther, written on parchment by a scribe in Israel and illuminated by Leah Sosewitz, was commissioned by a private client. Read every year at a local synagogue, it was painstakingly illuminated and gilded by the artist over the period of a year. The owners had a silver case made which houses the Megillat Esther when not in use.

Ritual Threads is a joint project between Marsha Kasanov (MKaz Designs) and Leah Sosewitz. Although Marsha is a creative designer in her own right, in most of the Ritual Threads products, she fabricates and brings to life Leah's designs. Marsha's incredible devotion to detail and meticulous fabrication add the perfect element to Leah's design work.