Sacred Texts

Jews are referred to as "People of the Book". Some of the sacred texts which inspire the pieces in this category are The Tanakh, (includes the Torah, Prophets and Writings), Talmud (the oral Torah), Midrash, Responsa,the Sefer ha-Zohar (the Book of Splendor), the Haggadah, Kabbalah and others. Also included here are liturgical passages from a variety of prayerbooks.

A Still Small Voice is HeardA Still Small Voice is HeardStarting at $250.00Size: 18 1/4" x 18 1/4"

The powerful Unetaneh Tokef prayer is depicted in this artwork.
And these words...And these words...Starting at $150.00Size: 14 9/16" x 19 3/4"

The V'ahavta, meaning "and you shall love...", comprise the verses immediately following the Shema. This beautiful laser cut focuses on the hebrew and english translation of a part of the V'ahavta:
"and these words which I command you today you shall take to heart.
The imagery which accompanies these important words, makes this an ideal gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrant.
Beautiful HeritageBeautiful HeritageStarting at $200.00Size: 9 3/4" x 18"

"How greatly we are blessed! How good is our portion! How pleasant our lot! How beautiful our heritage!" – Ashreinu from the Siddur
Eytz Hayim - Tree of LifeEytz Hayim - Tree of LifeStarting at $250.00Size: 8 11/16" x 22 13/16"

We sing the words of this beautiful tribute to the Torah as we place it back in the ark after reading from it.
"It is a tree of life to those who hold it fast and all it's supporters are happy.
The imagery which accompanies these important words, makes this an ideal gift for anyone to whom the Jewish liturgical traditions are precious.
Hinei Ma Tov - Behold How GoodHinei Ma Tov - Behold How GoodStarting at $225.00Size: 17 1/2" x 17 1/2"

"Behold how good and How pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together" - 1st Verse of Psalm 133
Megillat Esther DLMegillat Esther DLStarting at $200.00Size: 11 11/16" x 22 3/8"

"The Jews had light and joy, and gladness and honor, and in every province and in every city wherever the King's order and his edict reached, there was joy and gladness for the Jews, a banquet and a festive day and many of the peoples of the land became Jews for the fear of the Jews was upon them." – Book of Esther 8:16-17

Shalom RavShalom RavStarting at $450.00Size:10 1/2" x 19 3/4"

Text: Grant abundant peace over Israel, Your people, forever.

Shalom Rav is a blessing that is recited at the end of the evening Amidah in the Ashkenazic tradition. There is a different version of this prayer, Sim Shalom, for the morning Amidah. In the Sefardic, Chasidic-Sefardic, and Nusach Ari rites, Sim Shalom is said at all prayer services.