Family Trees

Leah Sosewitz can create a custom family tree for your family. Different formats are available. Please contact her directly for more information.

Family Tree - 1Family Tree - 1Starting at $300.00Size: 16 1/4" x 16 1/4"

Starting at: $300.00

This simple circular family tree features a couple in the center branching out to show children and grandchildren.
Family Tree - 2Family Tree - 2Starting at $1,000.00Size: 18" x 24"

Starting at: $1000.00

This organic family tree features traditional jewish symbols in the cutting as well as three generations of names.
Family Tree - 3Family Tree - 3Starting at $450.00Size: 17 1/8" x 18"

Starting at: $450.00

"As my father's planted for me, so shall I plant for my children" – Babylonian Talmud

Family Tree - 4Family Tree - 4Starting at $250.00Size: 11 3/4" x 18"

Starting at: $250.00

"As my father's planted for me, so shall I plant for my children" - Babylonian Talmud

These words form the basis for this beautiful laser cut mounted against a hand painted paper background.
Family Tree - 5Family Tree - 5Starting at $2,500.00Size: 21 5/8" x 27"

Starting at: $2500.00

"May there be an abundance of love to envelop this couple. You make these beloved companions greatly rejoice even as You greatly rejoiced in Your creation in the Garden of Eden."

Family Tree - 6Family Tree - 6Starting at $2,500.00Size: 22"x 22"

Starting at: $1800.00

The interesting format of this family tree allows those of you who have pursued your genealogy the opportunity to go back 6 generations.
Family Tree - 7Family Tree - 7Starting at $2,000.00Size: 23" x 26 3/4"

Starting at: $2000.00

This family tree is paper cut by hand, painted with gouache and accented with 23K gold leaf.
Family Tree - 8Family Tree - 8Starting at $600.00Size: 17" x 24 1/4"

Starting at: $600.00

This colorful family tree is laser cut and then painted.
Family Tree - 9Family Tree - 9Starting at $1,800.00Size: 20" x 22"

Starting at: $1800.00

"Let us sing the soul in every name and the name of ever soul, let us sing the soul in every name, the sacred name of every soul" - Marcia Falk

Family Tree 10Family Tree 10Starting at $350.00Size: 15 7/8" x 18 1/2"

Starting at: $350.00

This delicate "art from the heart" is a non traditional style family tree or gift for a couple.