Other Gifts

Here are some other gifts that may interest you.

An amulet is a magical charm or talisman to protect from harm the one who possesses it or wears it. Despite the strong biblical opposition to magic and divination, amulets were tolerated by the talmudic rabbis. The belief in amulets persisted widely among Jews until, along with similar superstitious practices, it was attacked by the Haskalah and Reform movements in the 18th century. To this day the belief is still held in some circles, where amulets are worn as a protection against the evil eye and are hung around the room of a woman in childbirth to protect her against the machinations of Lilith. The inscriptions on amulets in ancient times would appear to have been various scriptural passages that spoke of healing or protection.

No promises are made with the amulets sold here but if you love the idea of it, one of these might make the perfect choice for you or someone you care about.
Ruth spoke to Naomi saying, "Where you go, so shall I, where you live, so shall I and your God shall be my God". These words, incorporated into this beautiful Ruth lase-cut, make an ideal gift for a convert to Judaism as well as for a special Ruth in your life.

Leah Sosewitz can create a custom family tree for your family. Different formats are available. Please contact her directly for more information.

This category of laser-cut gifts are based on the Hebrew name(s) of the recipient or an important biblical figure.

The pieces in this category feature verses and sayings which come from various texts of Jewish Wisdom. While there is overlap with other categories in this web site, the texts found in these pieces were known to augment the universal practice of instruction by parents and teachers in the knowledge and skills as well as the moral standards that proved advantageous for success in living and the giving of counsel by those men (or women) who had gained a reputation for unusual intelligence, knowledge, and good judgment.
These special paper cuts illustrate the matriarchs and patriarchs from the Old Testament in our Bible. These can be used in our sukkot where we traditionally honor our fore-fathers and fore-mothers as well as making wonderful gifts for friends and family whose Hebrew namesakes are one of our honored fathers or mothers. Synagogues or Jewish day schools may want to collect all of these for their walls!

Jews are referred to as "People of the Book". Some of the sacred texts which inspire the pieces in this category are The Tanakh, (includes the Torah, Prophets and Writings), Talmud (the oral Torah), Midrash, Responsa,the Sefer ha-Zohar (the Book of Splendor), the Haggadah, Kabbalah and others. Also included here are liturgical passages from a variety of prayerbooks.

This beautiful laser-cut is perfect for a special woman in your life: wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt, sister or dear friend. Honor her with text from the twenty-two verse poem with which King Solomon concludes the book of Proverbs (Proverbs 31). The poem has an acrostic arrangement in which the verses begin with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet in regular order. The poem describes the woman of valor as one who are is energetic, righteous, and capable.