Life Cycle Gifts

The items are perfect for many life-cycle events.

The items are ideal for engagements, weddings, anniversaries and commitment ceremonies.

Perfect gifts for new homeowners or for a couple starting life together. This is also a gift for anyone who enjoys their home and wishes to welcome their guests into it.

A perfect gift for newborns, naming ceremonies and for children of all ages.

Enjoy exploring the Bar/Bat Mitzvah categories which feature both text oriented and narrative images which bring to life the Biblical passages which the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrant has been studying for this special milestone. We have a very unique finder for those of you who aren't knowledgeable about the Torah portions and Haftarah readings associated with your celebrant's special day. Do not be discouraged by this - you need only submit the date and time of the event and our special Bar/Bat Mitzvah finder will direct you to pieces which are especially appropriate for your celebrant. If you don't see a recommendation for the date of your event, please contact us and we will do our best to come up with something new for you. In addition, all our pieces can be personalized with the celebrant's name in hebrew or english and the date of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.