There are three different categories for couple's who are looking for a ketubah for their upcoming wedding, civil union, commitment ceremony or renewal of vows. You are sure to find something you will love and still stay within your budget as you choose a ketubah, to be enjoyed for a lifetime together.If you have a pre-printed ketubah sitting in your safe deposit box,bring it to Leah and she will design and create something incredible for you which incorporates the original document or something new which will be done in the spirit of your original ketubah.

The traditional Jewish art form of papercutting influences the elegant limited edition Ketubot. The blending of rich 4-color lithography with the intricate laser cut-outs inspired by Judaic folk art treasures, makes these Ketubot uniquely beautiful. Each Ketubah is backed by a vibrant reproduction of Leah's hand-painted paper in your choice of blue or green and is signed and numbered by the artist.

Our pre-designed, semi-custom laser Ketubot category offers an original Judaic Art Studio design which is lasercut and backed by a hand painted paper in your choice of colors. Your choice of text is then handwritten to create this semi-custom ketubah. Small design changes can be added where possible and will be charged an hourly design fee. This is to be mutually agreed upon between the Judaic Art Studio and client prior to changes being made to the original design.

Our custom Ketubah options, starting at $3,000, are endless. An in depth design meeting, in person or by video conference/email/phone will result in a sketch of your original Judaic Art Studio ketubah. Size and shape, imagery, colors, text(s) and mediums will be considered to reflect the aesthetic taste and content ideas which make each couple unique. This is a great opportunity to collaborate in creating a ketubah which you will enjoy for years, whether beginning life together or renewing prior vows.