About the artist

Leah Sosewitz is a professional artist who has been creating unique Judaica since 1985. Well known for her one-of-a-kind custom Ketubot, she has also made a name for herself with a line of unique designs which are inspired by the individual portions in the Torah as well as numerous text based pieces which celebrate important Jewish life cycle events such as births, anniversaries and family trees. She has been commissioned by synagogues and Jewish day schools to create ritual objects and donor recognition projects including large scale paper cuttings and hand designed scrolls and books which display the names of donors to Torah writing projects and other fundraising venues. Some of those commissions include a large handmade book project entitled "Sefer Simcha" and the ornate design and painting of an Aron Kodesh.

Leah's work incorporates papercutting, paint, pencil, gilding with fine metals, bookmaking and embossing. She has illuminated existing manuscripts, such as a Megillat Esther, and her handmade books, The Jacob's Ladder and Remember , were included in a national traveling exhibition entitled Women of the Book.

A full line of invitations for Bar and Bat Mitzvah and weddings reflect the ongoing work on the Torah portion inspired art. Leah's unique invitations set the tone for joyous events which we want to be meaningful and beautiful.

Her illustrations can be found in the Really Fun Family Haggadah, which marked a new area of exploration. Leah was a 1998 recipient of an Artists Fellowship in Ethnic Folk Arts from the Illinois Arts Council.

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